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Il potere della sceneggiatura
post pubblicato in Cinema, il 17 marzo 2009


From almost the first page of this book, I have been talking about the need to create emotion in a reader and an audience. For you as a screenwriter and for all filmmakers, that is the primary goal.

There are two direct paths to eliciting that emotional response in an audience. One is through the head. The other is through the glands.

The first path gets people thinking, gets their wheels turning.

The second path gets their blood racing, gets their juices flowing.

Both paths are fine. There is nothing inherently good or bad out either method. But each, if used exclusively, becomes esoteric. That is, each, when used alone, limits your potential audience.

If you go strictly with the glandular approach-trying just to get people frightened or turned on- you end up with splatter movies and pornography. And there is a limited audience for those.

If you attempt only to get people thinking, the result is at best a provocative intellectual exercise that is seen by six people in a college basement. Because there is a limited audience for those films as well.

The tragedy of the first situation is the abundance of films devoid of any apparent thought or any contribution to the human condition. The even greater tragedy of the second situation is that filmmakers with important ideas to offer humanity are unable to find an audience or even to get their movies made.

The solution to these situations is combining the two approaches. If you can see the effectiveness of getting people excited, frightened, laughing, and crying and then can use that ability to really get them thinking, then you have tapped into the immense power you can wield as an artist, a screenwriter, and a filmmaker.

Sir William K. Coe, The Screenwriting Bible

(Non ho avuto il coraggio e la capacità di tradurlo in italiano: ma ormai con internet tutti mastichiamo un po' di inglese. E i miei lettori, son gente colta...)

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